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Title: Changes on the Ruby Princess
Post by: Host Mike on October 29, 2018, 06:52:18 AM
Changes on Ruby Princess

Stupid joking muster drill recorded speech.  No life jackets needed.
Broken tub valve in cabin on arrival. (now fixed)
Dirty patio door glass in cabin. (now cleaned)
Scummy cabin toilet bowl ignored by cabin steward. (now cleaned every couple of days)
Cabin showing wear and tear.
Internet is typically terrible.
TV reception jerky and slightly blurry.
No butter served in dining rooms except on request
Main dining room menus have many priced items added
Cruise director staff not at welcome aboard show
“Once upon a dream” Princess show was weird but great.
Electric outlets now accessible where TVs used to be.
Sensor operated floor night light in cabin.
No mailbox outside cabin door.
No hole punches allowed in cruise card
Formal night dress code in dining rooms not enforced (so typical).
Bed and pillows were good.
Ocean medallion system not working but new door card scanner is.
Waiters asking at diner what cabin you are in.
Waiters scanning cruise cards into hand held card scanners for drinks.
$25 embarkation photo.
Much confusion in San Pedro port building by Elite check in desk lady.
Much confusion in San Pedro port building about line direction for Elites to board ship.
Charge for tea at pub lunch.

(On board now - stay tuned for more reports)

Title: Re: Changes on the Ruby Princess
Post by: Host Mike on October 30, 2018, 11:50:11 AM
Horizon Court line entrances switched.
Horizon Court plastic plates sometimes to hot to touch.
Horizon Court hand sanitizing not enforced.
AC In cabin couldn't cool below 75-76 F range. (Now fixed)
No Princess voyage stamp left in the cabin.
Certain ethnic groups going around ship in a total zone.  
City tours requiring each passenger to sign a liability waiver as well as posting please tip me signs.
Caribe Cafe opening late on early excursion days.
Noro cabin restrictions imposed for only 24 hours.
Noro cabins immediately cleaned by hazmat guys.
"Magic to Do" is a great show except for the bloody murder scene.

Title: Re: Changes on the Ruby Princess
Post by: Host Mike on November 02, 2018, 10:41:28 AM
“Colors of the World” show had strobe lights blasting the audience and bone jarring loudness.
Puerto Vallarta time and ship and passenger time one hour off.
Alarm sounded on ship.  Bridge said it was a false alarm.
Several coffee stations in Horizon Court not working.
International coffee waiting line snaked across the atrium most mornings.
High ranking officer often seen in the atrium but no one seems to notice.
Formal night apparel in dining rooms is what ever you want it to be.
Princess stamp stickers are issued only on request.
More news at five

Title: Re: Changes on the Ruby Princess
Post by: Host Mike on November 03, 2018, 01:44:10 PM
In-transit news at San Pedro

You must show your passport to multiple people multiple times.
You will be allowed to board the ship at 11 but all cabin hallways are closed off by heavy fire doors until all cabins are ready.  Say about 1 pm.  If the heavy doors are opened an alarm will sound.
Elite laundry turnaround is up to three days, per a written ship notice, on the California Coastal itinerary due to large numbers of Elites.
BTW The baked alaska parade in the dinning rooms still happens on the last night and is louder than ever.  Some passengers questioned whether the baked alaska cakes were real or fake.

Title: Re: Changes on the Ruby Princess
Post by: RichC on November 04, 2018, 02:57:08 AM
On the CB they told us that the cabins would be ready at 1 PM but we just went there early to drop off our luggage- No problem.
No closed fire doors.

Title: Re: Changes on the Ruby Princess
Post by: Host Mike on November 05, 2018, 08:05:16 PM
I’ve since been told that the Atrium/Piazza elevators bypass the fire doors.  BTW the Princess pizza crust still tastes like cardboard to me.

Coffee in Horizon Court was foamy and watered down.

Newly installed TV system in cabins makes flat TVs protrude slightly from the wall.  Closed Caption and aspect ratio controls on the remotes were disabled.  Fox News channel called MSNBC on text display when pushing remote OK button.