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"Two passengers who traveled on the Grand Princess cruise ship have died, and at least 103 have been confirmed positive for the new coronavirus, federal officials said Thursday, raising questions about whether the virus could continue to spread further as those who had been on board end their federal quarantine and return home."

"Four passengers died aboard Holland America’s “Zaandam” cruise ship and two people on board tested positive for the coronavirus, the company announced Friday.

The company, which is owned by parent Carnival Corp., did not say how many passengers and crew were tested but said 53 passengers and 85 crew members are exhibiting symptoms consistent with the coronavirus. There are more than 1,800 people aboard the ship, the company said, adding that four doctors and four nurses are also on board.

The Zaandam, which is currently anchored off the coast of Panama, is now at least the third Carnival-owned ship to become the site of a coronavirus outbreak.

The company said in a statement that “four older guests have passed away on Zaandam,” but did not specify whether they died of COVID-19. “No one has been off the ship since March 14 in Punta Arenas, Chile.”

Princess News & Princess Chatter / You snoozed, you losed
« on: March 26, 2020, 07:39:00 PM »
CCL stock mid $7 a share range a week ago and now it's almost $19 a share.  You snoozed, you really losed - at the moment.

Update:  Since Carnival didn't apparently get a Federal bailout the stock price is can widely vary.

The Coral Princess set sail from Santiago in Chile on March 5 for a 32-day cruise in the Latin American region, but is now steaming back to its final destination, Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

"Nearly 50 cases of coronavirus have now been linked to the Ruby Princess cruise ship that docked in Sydney last week."

The £300 million Coral Princess is currently docked in Buenos Aires, but none of its passengers are being allowed to disembark.

Argentina has closed its borders and suspended almost all transportation services to limit the spread of coronavirus."

Foreigners arriving in Western Australia via international cruise ships in the coming days will be forced to remain on board the “floating hotels” and only allowed to leave by escort to fly home.

Premier Mark McGowan on Friday said the “major and urgent” decisions about cruise ships came as two international vessels were due to dock in WA waters in coming days, the first being the Pacific Princess on Saturday carrying hundreds of passengers."

What about Ruby Princess passengers currently aboard heading for:

At Sea
At Sea
At Sea
Dravuni Island
At Sea
Port Villa
At Sea
At Sea

"According to NSW Health, a total of four people onboard the ship tested positive for COVID-19.

“Three of the confirmed cases were passengers who disembarked from the ship after it docked at Circular Quay yesterday morning,” said the statement.

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard told a news conference today: “Our big concern, the very big concern, is that those people came off the cruise with no knowledge of COVID-19 actually being on their ship.”

He went on: “If they think that it is not necessary to do the 14 days, and if they think that it is OK to be wandering around, the clear message from me as NSW Health Minister is ‘No, it’s not’.

“Put yourself into immediate quarantine for 14 days, self isolate in your home or normal place of residence or wherever you may be and start taking serious note of your own health.”

"In a press release on March 19, cruise ship operator Carnival Corporation (NYSE:CCL)(NYSE:CUK) offered its ships to governments around the world for use as hospitals. The offer is for non-COVID-19 patients, as COVID-19 patients strain existing hospital resources. Available ships come from several Carnival-owned lines, including its Carnival Cruise and Princess Cruises lines."

Officials say the Grand Princess cruise ship will be moved from the Port of Oakland and temporarily anchored in San Francisco Bay while additional crew disembark for chartered flights from a non-commercial portion of San Francisco International Airport.

The ship will depart the Port of Oakland at approximately 7 p.m. Sunday, March 15.

"Newsom also announced that the Grand Princess cruise ship is departing the Port of Oakland this evening at 7 p.m. with between 330 and 340 crew members, a "skeleton crew" that remains after the rest of the crew has left the country on flights. The boat will then remain in San Francisco Bay for the remainder of the crew's 14-day quarantine."

The U.S. administration is now debating barring interstate travel to and from certain infected states.

Carnival Corp. has a substantial debt to pay in the next two years for new ship orders. Go figure.

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