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There's a naming ceremony coming up Dec 13 on (YouTube).
I normally don't watch things like this but since we'll be on the ship (hopefully) I'll take a peak just to see.

We'll be on the ship for March. I hope they get everything running smoothly by then & the mask requirements are relaxed somewhat.
It appears to be just like the other Princess ships with only a few changes. They don't like to change to much from ship to ship. I suppose the loyal Princess cruisers like everything to remain the same.

I just watched a video yesterday about the RCL ship (Odyssey of the Sea)  that Tony posted - Very impressive.
Of course the ship was only partially filled so crowds weren't any problem. But that will change very shortly I'm sure.

I can't believe people just need to spend more money than necessary.  :o

I think we may watch that one only because we're scheduled for a March cruise on the Enchanted.

Thank you for all the effort you put into it.

It makes it so much easier to highlight trips we're interested in plus we can easily see which cruises are in the embarkation port at the same time for scheduling B2B2B trips.  :D :D

I'll wager that this portion of their medallion app has received special attention getting it to work properly.  ;) ;D

It didn't work properly in 2019 and from my experience in trying to get the medallion app to populate properly for my March trip I don't think they've fixed it yet.....we'll see.

What is really disappointing is the reports about the food. That's inexcusable.
Some of my friends having just returned from a HAL cruise were very satisfied with everything.

Surprise ! ;)
I can't believe they continue to build ships with the same designed balconies after all there years of bad reports about them. I suppose most people just put up with it & don't say a word.
Unless you get a balcony near the center of the ship that's extra deep they are cramped with no leg room.

I didn't know that Carnival ships used Princess Cays.
I wonder if Princess ships will be using Half Moon Cay occasionally?

We've never used the app on any ship other than for unlocking the cabin door or purchases in a shop.
I just tried loading the info in the app for a March trip & had the same problems as I did in 2019.
I though they would have had the time to get it working properly by now.
If it doesn't load properly at home I can't imaging how it would work on the ship.  ???

They should have gotten rid of the IT outfit that designed the medallion & started over from scratch.
II thought it was supposed to contact trace people in case of a covid outbreak? If ordering a meal of drink isn't working I doubt if the more important function of tracking would either.

It's one of the few ships we haven't been on. It was always on a world trip with very few visits to Ft Lauderdale around the holidays.
Oh well.

Looks like they've been working on the place even though there weren't any cruises going our for the past year or so.
Now if Princess could only get their Medallion app fixed to accept my cruise in March I would be happy.

Princess News & Princess Chatter / Re: Princess mask requirements
« on: October 27, 2021, 09:09:02 AM »
From what I recently read, masks are required while sitting in a bar between sips of a drink but must remain in place otherwise.  :o
I wonder if that requirement also applies for eating in the DR.  ::)

I hope this works better that the Medallion App in general.

I could never get the thing to work properly with my old phone 2 years ago and with my newer phone for our last cruise we cancelled out on for this coming Dec/Jan

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