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Princess issued a recent cancellation list.

Cruising Chatter / Re: Norwegian will vaccinate all crew members
« on: May 03, 2021, 10:14:39 PM »
You would think that it would be a standard on all cruise lines.

You would think so, but apparently not. It will only take a couple of covid cases to emerge on a cruise and back to square 1.

Cruising Chatter / Princess SeaCation cruises, UK
« on: May 03, 2021, 10:13:16 PM »
I read that Princess is not vaccinating crew for the Seacation British Isles cruises starting in June 2021 ex Southampton.  Brit pax only on board and Princess requires them to be vaccinated. I just think it is a mistake not vaccinating crews.  Is the US CDC making crew vaccination mandatory for cruises from/to USA?

No cruises started in Australia yet, the government is paranoid about a repeat of the Ruby Princess debacle.

Cruising Chatter / Happy new year - quiet on here.
« on: January 23, 2021, 04:14:28 PM »
It is good to see this board still going, albeit it, very, very quiet.  Happy New Year to All.

I think cruising is a long way off yet, certainly in Australia nothing much happening this year.  Our Covid position is very good, no new cases for weeks, apart from the pesky tennis players flying in to  Melbourne for the big tennis carnival and they are holed up in quarantine, screaming like banshees. ;D

We have not started doing Covid jabs yet.

Stay safe folks, it is a jungle out there.

A lot of serious gambling goes on aboard that ship with a large Asian passenger complement at times.  Maybe he lost at the tables.  Sad anyway.

Makes one wonder about the calibre of Italian Captains and Princess has many.   :(

They had an hour program on the Discovery channel or NATGEO channel the other night a which was supposed to be about the removal of the ship. It turned into another program mostly about the incident with the last 10 minutes dedicated to how they're going to turn the ship & float it to away.
Good thing I recorded it & could skip past the old stuff.  ;)

The ship is going to be cut up for scrap, after she is towed somewhere suitable, once they retrieve it ! :o

I heard that Schettino is writing a book on the incident.  Who would buy it? Because who would believe his story? ???

And the Captains Fairytales continue. ::)

Maybe Capitano Schettini could be employed by Princess as a junior waiter, no, make it a dishwasher.

One wonders what Capitano Schettini's fate will be when this is all over.   One would think he would be charged with Mansalughter if he has not been already.   It will be then up to the Italian Justice system.   I have not been following this issue very closely.  All a bit drawn out.  Ship still there, enquiry drags on etc. ::)

Costa has certainly 'shuffled the pack' with its replacement executives, no doubt all organised by 'Mother Carnival.' ???

Cruising Chatter / Re: Schettino returns to the sea
« on: August 06, 2012, 10:34:53 PM »
"THE captain of disaster cruise liner the Costa Concordia returns to sea — as he sails a boat with a pal.

Francesco Schettino wore swimming trunks as he took to the waves near his home in Sorrento, Italy.

His pal steered the boat for a while — then handed over to the 52-year-old who was at the controls when the Concordia hit a reef off Italy in January."

Now just where is Schettino's dancing lady friend on that motor boat? ::)l

Best Fairy Story I have heard in a while.  He should quit the cruise ships and write kiddies stories. ::) ;D

As for the 'Divine Hand' No comment, I am a Catholic too. :-[

Good point RichC. But I wonder in which language was the muster point information on cabin door?  A lot of diferent nationalities were on board Costa Concordia that night. :o

Documentary on Concordia disaster airs on Australian TV, tonight Sunday.  It is a British production based on pax camera phone footage taken during all stages of the incident.   Has it been shown on US TV yet?

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