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"A Canadian passenger aboard the Caribbean Princess says there was “lots of COVID-19” on the cruise ship, which has cancelled its scheduled stops in Victoria and Vancouver this week.

Princess Cruises confirmed Monday there were COVID-19 cases aboard the vessel, although it did not disclose the number. It said it left Florida with its 1,600 guests and crew “100% vaccinated.”
“In keeping environmental protection as one of our top priorities, we’re eager to leverage our popular Ocean Treks brand and its library to create new videos to share important sustainability stories about our fleet,” said John Padgett, Princess Cruises president."
Local Couple caught in COVID outbreak on cruise ship with a history of coronavirus cases
"The Sapphire Princess won't be sailing to Mexico and Hawaii this summer from Los Angeles as Princess Cruises has cancelled the summer season on the ship.

Despite announcing the new program in February to replace its traditional Asia program, the new deployment won't go ahead."
|Holding up to 3,080 guests, the Ruby Princess will depart from Galveston from December 2022 through April 2023 in a series of cruises that range from five to 16 days."

Princess announced this after abruptly cancelling my B2B booking on the Ruby out of L.A. in November 2022.  Ed.
"SANTA CLARITA, Calif., April 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Television stars and show hosts will unite as godparents to officially name the newest Princess Cruises ship – Discovery Princess. Fashion designer Randy Fenoli, chef Alex Guarnaschelli, special effects designer, and fabricator Adam Savage, and real estate broker and flipper extraordinaire Page Turner will come together for the maritime naming ceremony tradition at the Port of Los Angeles on April 29."

"Bringing together these four experts and personalities to name Discovery Princess for the launch of our newest ship is an exciting moment for Princess," said John Padgett, Princess Cruises president. "Our impressive godparents, who represent the best in food, style, wonder and exploration, bring their imaginative and inspirational talents together to celebrate this momentous occasion. We look forward to exploring what we all can do together in the future."
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