Author Topic: Royal Princess - 9-14-2019 - midnight sailing SNAFU in Vancouver  (Read 278 times)

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Royal Princess - 9-14-2019 - midnight sailing SNAFU in Vancouver
« on: September 21, 2019, 02:40:47 PM »
"First, everyone got an email a few days before the cruise stating the cruise is leaving Vancouver an hour early from the scheduled normal departure time. The port in Vancouver was chaotic since there are 3 cruise lines trying to get their passengers cleared by customs. Princess passengers were taken to the front of the line to make the 3:30p departure, which did not happen.
At 3pm, the Captain announced that our departure will be a late as scheduled due to the vessel delivering fuel spilled fuel at their vessel and there is clean-up to do.  Muster drill did not happen till after 3:45p and the Captain announced that the fuel spilled in our ship, the Royal Princess, and some into the water. Therefore, there is clean-up to do, and we are waiting for the government representatives ( we are assuming the environmental department) to assess the spill. The other factor is since the tide is high, we can not go under the bridge (height/size of Royal we are again assuming) and have to wait till we are clear or the bridge opens.

We did not leave until midnight and late in arriving in San Pedro – which was a total chaos again because of 1) the people who wants to get off the ship – it was so unorganized that the Royal employees let everyone get off even if their disembarkation number has not been called. Why  give out disembarkation numbers/times if they themselves will not enforce? We have #1 disembarkation tickets and saw people with 2,3 and 4 getting off the ship and tossing their numbers out – because the employees did not care to check.  2) the passengers waiting outside the port to get on the ship; 3) a lot of people missed their flights 4) a lot of people missed work – we were supposed to arrive at 8am not 2:30pm.

Overall, all we received was a (not so)  apology letter on Sunday at noon time explaining what happened in Vancouver. We’ve taken the same cruise every year – this was a disaster!"