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Shortages at grocery stores?

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Has anyone noticed certain products being in short supply recently?

Here in Florida just certain items have slowly disappeared from the toilet paper, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, cleaning supplies and even liquid washing machine soap.

Host Mike:
It's now happening all across America.

If you watch the news from the north east it seems to be pronounced but here in Florida it only seems to affect certain items.
Each day the missing items seems to increase somewhat.
We've stocked up on all our over the counter meds for the nest few months but I'll bet there's going to be some real shortages for the prescription items real soon. We normally get a 90 day supply so that may carry us past the shortage stage.

As of this morning I can see our grocery supplies dwindling as the week progresses here in SW Florida. At Walmart there's a marked decline in normal items such as eggs which were gone yesterday but reappeared this morning. Produce is still being put out each day.
Our Winn Dixie doesn't have chicken at all even though they advertised it. Their red meat is limited to 1 pack per person with only the highest prices cuts available. There are no pork products of any sort.
All paper products are gone as are most cleaning supplies with limited items still available.
One thing is that the liquor dept seems to have most brands on the shelves- at least at Walmart.

Here's some explanation for shipping by truck.

I can't imagine it getting better anytime soon.


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