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Australia to impose 2-week self-quarantine on anyone arriving from overseas


Host Mike:
"Australia to impose 2-week self-quarantine on anyone arriving from overseas

Australia will impose a two-week quarantine requirement for anyone arriving from overseas, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Sunday. The new measures, taken as the country battles to contain the highly contagious coronavirus, will take effect from midnight. β€œAll people coming to Australia will be required β€” will be required, I stress β€” to self-isolate for 14 days,” he said.

In addition, the country will be barring all cruise ships from foreign ports for an initial 30 days before further decisions are made, he said.

There were 249 confirmed cases, including 3 deaths, in Australia as of 10:30 a.m. local time on Sunday, the health ministry said in its latest "

Host Mike:
"New Zealand's director-general of health, Ashley Bloomfield, said three passengers have been quarantined by the ship's doctor.

Bloomfield would not comment on what might happen to the Golden Princess until results of tests on the three passengers were known on Monday.

The Golden Princess was already in New Zealand waters before Wellington on Saturday banned all future cruise ship arrivals until June 30 under strict new coronavirus related regulations.

A New Zealand public health specialist, Brian Cox from the University of Otago, said if coronavirus was confirmed on the Golden Princess then the remaining passengers should not remain on board."

We had a friend scheduled for a New Zealand trip on April 12- Ruby. Luckily that was cancelled by Princess but he was ready to go.


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