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Let Them Die ??


As much as I would hate to see any of the cruise lines go under I think they've got a point in this article. It may be time for the cruise lines to change their ways if they want help.

Foreign-flagged cruise lines have no business asking for a U.S. bailout now.

Yesterday, Donald Trump again insisted that we "can't let the cruise lines go out of business." This has become conventional pundit wisdom after two commercial cruise ships became high-profile coronavirus hot zones. The cruise ship industry is in dire trouble, as are all travel-related industries.

That doesn't mean American taxpayers need to bail them out now. The cruise industry has done everything in its power to skirt U.S. laws, regulations, and taxes. None of the major cruise lines fly the flags of the United States—every ship is registered in another country, one with lax environmental protections, labor protections, and other rules that make it easier to squeeze out maximum profits at public expense. Now those foreign-flagged ships want United States bailouts? No. That was a choice these companies made; now they have to live with it.

I agree. They used the foreign registration for so many years to skirt the taxes. Let them use the profits and reduce or cancel the salaries of all the CEO,CIO,COO AND everything C  they they have created over the years for friends

From what I can gather this morning, the new stimulus package doesn't mention anything about supporting the cruise lines.


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