Author Topic: Canada refused to let the Caribbean Princess dock due to Covid  (Read 42 times)

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"We all received a letter informing us of the positive cases for both passengers and the crew. The letter told us we had to start wearing KN95 masks in all areas of the ship.  Both inside and outside.  Previous to the letter, masks were not required.  In fact every room was delivered a packet with 2 masks to start wearing the day of the letter,” passenger Diana Duda said.

“Princess refused to let passengers know how many people were involved. Princess would not tell the crew anything because they were afraid the crew would notify passengers.  This information was relayed to us by different crew members,” Duda said.

Passengers said the cruise was originally scheduled to continue from San Francisco to Canada, with more stops in Victoria and Vancouver this week.

Instead, all passengers were told to leave the Caribbean Princess at the docks in San Francisco and find alternative travel for getting back home. "
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