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Carnival Magic dance floor brawl before NYC docking - Police/EMS called out


Host Mike:
"MANHATTAN (PIX11) — A dance-floor brawl broke out on a Carnival cruise ship early Tuesday, prompting police to meet the vessel ahead of its scheduled Manhattan docking, authorities and officials said."

What else would you expect, its a Carnival ship.  ;D

Host Mike:
"At least 40 to 60 people joined the fray and the fight went on for an hour before onboard security got everyone under control. Still, the Coast Guard escorted the ship to its scheduled final stop and police first responders were waiting on the dock. "

Host Mike:
"The skirmish started in a nightclub on the fifth floor of the Carnival Magic ship at around 2 a.m. after the angry lovers confronted their respective partners for two-timing on the seven seas, according to James, a travel agent who watched the fracas from her room.

The brawlers then began shoving each other and smashing beer bottles, and a woman may have been sliced during the melee, which quickly spiraled out of control, James said.

“Ignorant fools acting stupid,” she said.

The dust-up lasted roughly an hour and spilled into the casino area on the same level of the ship, she said."

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


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