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Elites can no longer join the tender line at will from the ship to the shore.  Elites must wait in a ship waiting room until called.  This policy change was confirmed in writing from three Emerald Princess admin. sources and by personal observation. 

Princess News & Princess Chatter / Emerald Princess - Day 8
« on: June 09, 2023, 02:33:34 PM »
Emerald Princess – Day 8

•   Just when Fresh Market/Horizon Court (FM) gets the busiest here comes the Champaign hawking cart.  Then in the dining rooms, at the end dinner, here comes the waiter with the little bouncing shot class, selling some sort of dessert wine.
•   The evening one page patter arrives early which is nice.
•   Next day service on Elite laundry once again.  Somebody didn’t get the memo to slow it down.
•   Scored another free gun coke by doing absolutely nothing to deserve it.
•   The Emerald Princess has a lot of scuff marks on the sides of the ship.  Painters were no where to be seen.
•   Cabin housekeeper was a no-show yesterday morning, presumably because of a required meeting.
•   Very crisp bacon is very hard to find in FM. Crisp bacon, on request, is plentiful in the dining room during breakfast.
•   Tendering aka Water Shuttle instructions for Maui said tickets are required.  No mention that Elites don’t need a water shuttle ticket.
•   Our excursion bus was late picking us up at the Honolulu cruise  terminal “due to traffic.”

Princess News & Princess Chatter / Emerald Princess - Day 7
« on: June 07, 2023, 07:35:56 PM »
Emerald Princess – Day 7

•   Cabin door LCD computer crashed for the third time in the last seven days, on its own.
•   Cabin housekeeper from the Philippines calls my dear wife (DW) with a word that sounds like “mom.”
•   The likely reason for the ship slowing down could be that it was ahead of schedule or  that the ship is having generator problems like last nights extended power outage in the back of the ship, apparently on all decks.
•   The gay like cruise director Hernando came out on the stage sashaying last night.  The Motown Princess Theater show, called Sweet Soul Music was heavy with Stevie Wonder selections.  The show appeared to include booth enhanced singing and enhanced band instrumentation.  In other words what the audience heard was not what I  actually believed was created  on-stage.  The audio level was really high and the strobes were  flashing the audience.  The booth had cut back on the extreme bass notes so the seats weren’t vibrating.
•   The Comedy Juggler “The Mighty Quinn” is back again tonight for maybe the second or third time. 
•   When the ship maneuvered into dock position this morning everything in our back hallway behind what walls and ceiling were rattling like crazy.
•   There was a very long line in the terminal of passengers and crew waiting to catch the free shuttle to Walmart.  We rode Uber to town at a cost of around $9 each way which now includes a mandatory booking fee. 
•   Last night the ship computer said it had a 5 pm opening in Da Vinci.  After it showed our pictures on the cabin TV and said to click the button to reserve the screen froze and said it couldn’t find our passenger record even though it found our pictures.  We went anyway to the dining room and saw lots of empty tables.  This tells me that the ship’s reservation system is badly flawed.
•   Heard from two elderly widows who said Princess EZAir got them to LAX one hour late causing them to barely make the ship departure..  They said that they arrived at the ship around 4 pm as the ship was preparing to sail and no one offered to help  them with their luggage either at the terminal or on the ship..
•   Kilauea volcano, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, erupted last night.  That volcano is maybe 20 or so miles of where we are docked.  I don’t believe that it is any kind of show stopper right now.

Princess News & Princess Chatter / Emerald Princess Black Out
« on: June 07, 2023, 12:45:13 AM »
ALL decks in zones 6 & 7 (most of the back of Emerald Princess) lost all electric power at 5 pm ship time for a hour.  Emergency lights were activated in the halls.  Passengers in inside cabins were in darkness.  No ship wide announcement was heard.

Princess News & Princess Chatter / Emerald Princess - Day 6 - revised
« on: June 06, 2023, 05:02:17 PM »
Emerald Princess – Day 6 - revised

•   It is difficult to walk through the deck 15 pool area as the walking lanes are crowded with tables.
•   No pencils in the library for puzzles.
•   WiFi calling in airplane mode, at least on T-Mobile is working again.
•   Celebration – 1 day turnaround for Elite laundry.  Unheard of.
•   Ordered English Muffin and bacon at breakfast in Da Vinci dining room.  English Muffin arrived cold after we finished breakfast and bacon never arrived.
•   Princess “Best Pizza on the Sea” was slightly better than on the Sky Princess but the crust was still undercooked.
•   Ship clock changes tonight just 5 ½ hours before we dock in Hilo.  I wonder how many passengers will forget to change time before they go ashore.
•   Received two Passenger Services give away Princess ball point pens.  Neither worked.
•   The mostly unreliable CrewCall Chat said one thing about Hilo shuttles, the port video and the Excursion Desk told a different story.
•   Our cabin sink drain, when closed, always immediately pops back open.
•   Yesterday brewed coffee in International Café was served in small paper cups.  Today it appears that all brewed coffee is only served in large paper cups.
•   I’m starting to wonder if the assignment of the Captain’s job on this older ship was a demotion.
•   The Da Vinci dining room lunch waiting line stretched all the way across the Piazza into the smoky Casino.
•   It was every passenger for themselves at lunch in the FM.  Line cutters were going at it full time.
•   The ship speed currently is very slow as we sail toward Hilo for docking in the morning.

Princess News & Princess Chatter / Emerald Princess - Day 5
« on: June 05, 2023, 01:40:09 PM »
Emerald Princess – Day 5

•   Internet stopped working at noon for most of the afternoon yesterday.  Before that the speed was 2 up, 2 down.  Paramount+ doesn’t work.  Peacock does at times.  Facebook is hit or miss. WiFi calling was working, now it’s not.
•   CrewCall Chat mostly much of the time doesn’t know the answer or gives bad answers. That is if they even answer..
•   Signs are still up for Planks BBQ in the back of deck 15 but Planks BBQ is no more on the Emerald Princess.  Steamers Seafood restaurant is also long gone.
•   Cabin nightlights with automatic movement sensors are a real nuisance.
•   It’s been cloudy every night so no star gazing so far.
•   Finally got the one and only early dining room reservation using the cabin TV.
•   Sent laundry out yesterday after photographing everything including the laundry ticket.  Now hoping to get the laundry back in three days without white undies coming back yellow.
•   The highlight of a Sabatini’s overrated dinner was the Chef’s dessert.  The dessert was four different desserts and very sweet.  Speaking of sweet, Princess has greatly downsized the Volcano dessert on the Children’s menu.
•   Our cabin has creaky sounds as the ship slowly rocks.
•   I learned from a fellow passenger that there are iPhone tricks where you can change the time on the display.
•   Forrest Gump said “life is just a bowl of cherries.”  We found this to be true in the ship dining rooms when you take a “sharing” table.  You never know what “cherries” will sit at your table and totally monopolize the conversations with their very strongly held  political beliefs.  I found it was best to just politely listen and say nothing..

Princess News & Princess Chatter / Emerald Princess - Day 4
« on: June 04, 2023, 02:53:01 PM »
Emerald Princess – Day 4

Fresh Market/Horizon Court (FM)

•   There are two parts to FM on the Emerald Princess.  The middle part (on each side) and the back part.
•   At breakfast the port side opens first and well after the port side passenger grid lock has already occurred the starboard side finally opens. The back side has black out curtains covering the port side serving area and the rest of the backside has limited breakfast offerings.  Both the FM sides and back do not have a visible bread toasting machine.  It was hard to find toasted bread in the FM side serving areas but easy to find in the FM back side.  The butter for bread on both sides and back side is located far from the bread.
•   Orange juice is no longer on the servers trays.  In the middle part of FM orange juice is pre-pored in the small plastic glasses and placed in the food serving area for you to pickup.
•   FM syrup coffee is just as strong and bad tasting as you would expect.
•   It appears that FM is quite understaffed and the serving and kitchen staff seem to be unaware where passengers can find different food items.
•   This morning we sat near the aft end of FM and as a test I asked the Ocean Now app to tell my our location.  Ocean Now reported that we were seated in ‘Steamers Seafood.”  Say what?  We’ve near heard of an Emerald Princess “Steamers Seafood” area in the FM seating area.
•   Not to my surprise it appears that most passengers don’t know about the back side of FM.
•   Yesterday morning there were no bananas available anywhere in the FM serving areas or in the FM  kitchen nor was Cream-of-Wheat (which apparently may be gone on all Princess Ships).
•   Yesterday they ran out of rolled silverware
•   The hand washing stations are no longer maned.
•   I talked with four ship officers who were standing around about the bad music coming from the speakers in FM.  None of them seemed to care.

International Café (IC)

•   Princess has been bragging about their new coffee supplier.  My dear wife (DW) and agreed that the IC brewed coffee was weak and tasted bad.  They won’t hand you your brewed coffee order until you swipe your medallion on their medallion scanner.  There is now only one size brewed coffee.  No more large or small sizes.  All brewed coffee now costs $2.36.
•   The green chairs by the IC are so low to the floor that it’s a real struggle for passengers to get out of them.  One short person seated at our IC table like them because finally her feet could touch the floor.
•   The snacks in the IC,  when we were there, were all greatly downsized, apparently to cut costs.


•   Hazmat was observed working in a suite two doors down from us, day before yesterday.
•   Room Service, after prompting by us and after their broken promise, finally delivered our mini-bar trade out and the missing part of our pre-cruise order of water.
•   At the Captain’s Champagne Waterfall event it appeared that drinks were not watered down.  When the Captain presented the senior officers, one by one, to the crowd the junior officers dutifully clapped, but not all.
•   At the Motown (Tamla) trivia contest if you don’t know who sang Don’t Leave Me This Way (Thelma Houston) you probably will not win.
•   Passenger Services can show your account with your spouse account merged onto one page in the Princess app on request.
•   Tonight’s show is a repeat of comedian Mike Gafffney due to the entertainer no-show previously mentioned.  Gaffney has the show that caused me to almost fall asleep.
•   The music in the only Princess Theater show I’ve seen wasn’t too loud.  I did enjoy the booth guys playing Macarena as we exited the Theater.  We are fully prepared for blasting audio on shows to come.
•   The seats in the front of Princess Theater seem narrower than the back seats, or maybe it’s my imagination.
•   The Princess Theater Interdenominational Sunday Worship Service was a high church Anglican, read the script, without a sermon or communion.  It was led by the Captain and helpers from the Entertainment staff. 
•   Sabatini’s food report in tomorrow’s update.

It’s almost impossible now to make a dining room reservation at a decent time on board the Emerald Princess for any of the three dining rooms. Seriously. Dine line will NOT accept any dining room reservations on their reservation phone extension. The only way to make a failed reservation attempt is on the TV in your cabin, your app or on the hallway big screens. Because of this it’s unlikely we’ll be able to report on any dining room food unless we join a waiting line.  The Michelangelo podium guy in the suit told us that the only chance to get in that dining room now without an advance reservation is to line up at 5pm. 

The reservation snafu for common folks is an MAJOR issue for us.  Staff tells us that large numbers make reservations long before the cruise sails.  BTW Salty Dog Gastropub aka Wheelhouse Bar says that the cabin TV menu that says they have a cover charge of $18pp is not true. Passenger Services says the Salty Dog/Wheelhouse Bar cover charge was dropped three months ago.  Probably so because we were the only ones in the sectioned off, so called Gastropub dining area last night.

Emerald Princess – Day 2 report.

•   The apparently only choice for mini-bar trade out is one bottle of Chardonnay.
•    Last night’s show was comedian Mike Gaffney.  I nearly fell asleep during the show
•   Our likely gay cruise director, with a  name that I forgot, came skipping out on the stage at the beginning of the show.  That’s right.  Skipping.  In listening to his look at me patter he admitted that one of the scheduled entertainers was a no-show.  He announced that “The mighty Quinn” a comedy juggler would fill  in.  Quinn is tonight’s show.
•   The ship rock and rolled all morning even though seas seemed normal.
•   The Captain gave his expressionless noon day report with an explanation of nautical terms.  I’ve heard that same speech on different ships.  He only mentioned the ship’s wallowing very casually other than basically – hold on.
•   The CrewCall Chat continues to VERY slow in giving you an answer to your question.
•   The cabin door LCD panel is also quite slow in showing your picture.
•   WiFi calling in airplane mode on my T-Mobile iPhone is working great.
•   Occasionally our ship WiFi connection loses Internet.
•   Our stewardess yesterday said she would turn in a maintenance request for our buzzing and flickering cabin lights.  That apparently never happened.
•   Cabin A/C works great – so far.
•   Cabin stewardess suggested eating green apples for sea sickness. My ENT doc suggested over-the-counter (Rugby brand) 25 mg Meclizine tablets.  I always bring a chewable 100 count bottle which costs under $6 at a local independent pharmacy. Ginger ale in a can was only available at one of two bars that I checked on deck 15.
•   Fresh Market (FM) aka Horizon Court with ongoing so-so food was playing loud cowboy music tonight.  The (gluten free) guacamole tasted almost  like smashed peas.
•   Reservation only Botticelli Dining Room – deck 6 aft – has to receive your reservation several days in advance.  In other words, that dining room has become fixed seating, once again.
•   I wasn’t expecting it to be so cold both outside and inside the ship here in the first part of June.  Nor did I expect the Emerald Princess lobby carpets on each floor to show so much wear.
•   Good news.  No pushy people ran over us today.

Princess News & Princess Chatter / Emerald Princess - Daily Report
« on: June 02, 2023, 12:38:52 PM »
Day 1 on the Emerald Princess

•   Pushy people in Fresh Market aka Horizon Court.  You know who I’m referring to.
•   In the embarkation line all were asked for boarding passes.  Few were able to find a QR code on the Princess app and no one had the non-existent boarding pass.  The SES Bluetooth button at the scanning reader was what you needed.  On the scanner machine some lanes had buckets, others did not.
•   Checked in our properly tagged bags at 10:30am with the attendant.  Bags didn’t arrive in our cabin until after dinner.
•   We were told in writing that we couldn’t go to our cabin until 1 pm.  Hall fire doors to the elevator lobbies were all shut.  At 12:30 pm a ship wide announcement was made that we could now go to our cabins,
•   Medallion net set up is tricky.  A setup handout helped with some of the setup instructions but some only found online.  Nowhere did it explain the four device setup.
•   You can watch the safety video on your cell phone.
•   The Emerald Princess has been ridden very hard and put away wet.  In our cabin we found lights buzzing, some flickering on and off and the bases to the bed lamps look rusty.  The bed was saggy but it will have to make do,
•   In Fresh Market for lunch a couple sat down beside us.  The lady wanted to tell us her complete medical history and her husband smelled of tobacco.  Food fare at lunch was only so-so.
•   Cabin speaker basted all afternoon with watch the safety video reminders and said the ship wouldn’t leave until all passengers complied.
•   Ship was scheduled to leave at 3 pm but didn’t leave until 4 pm.
•   Before we left the CrewCallChat was not working.
•   We learned the hard way that the Botticelli Dining Room, 6th deck aft, is reservations only!
•   The Captain’s private most travelled lunch cutoff appeared to be around 500 days.  This seemed to be about the same as on the Sky Princess.
•   On this first day at see the ship is really rocking and rolling.  Odd that there are no whitecaps in the ocean.

More Emerald Princess news at five.

Not that I've heard.

"Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises have seen a spate of overbooked ships in recent months, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. The Wonder of the Seas, the world's largest cruise ship, has been overbooked three times in the past six months, according to industry blog Cruise Hive."

"Covid rates high on board.

Special disembarkation protocol for covid positive passengers and close contacts once at Southampton.

All passengers who have tested positive during the cruise and those travelling with them (even if testing negative) must remain onboard until at least 10am and then be escorted to the gangway by cabin stewards in KN95 masks.

All luggage taken and tagged red. "

Sent to

"Available in the popular Crown Grill specialty restaurant for $140 per person, the new Winemaker Dinner leverages the expansive expertise of Chuck Wagner, owner and winemaker of the renowned Napa Valley's Caymus Vineyards, to deliver a five-course menu (see below), crafted to complement the tasting notes of his wines."

New Concept from Award-Winning Chef Rudi Sodamin Now Onboard Enchanted Princess, Coming Soon to Majestic Princess, Sky Princess and Discovery Princess

O'Malley's Irish Pub Also Set to Debut Aboard Enchanted Princess

Enhancements to Enchanted Princess Piazza Celebrates Italian Heritage

Laid-Back Vibes and Eats from the Original Salty Dog Café Now Available on Enchanted Princess Lido Deck

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