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Not that I normally eat pizza on any ship, I'll have to at least try a piece some day when aboard- just to say I've had some.  :P

Discovery Princess Chatter / Re: OVERALL 8/10
« on: February 26, 2024, 12:37:13 PM »
We've yet to sail on the Discovery but if it should come to our part of the world, it's on the to do list.

Enchanted Princess Chatter / Re: Quality of food on the Enchanted Princess?
« on: February 26, 2024, 12:33:03 PM »
As mentioned in the article, many of the prepared dished in the DR were overcooked. We resorted to asking for everything cooked rare and one day they must have changed cooks & everything was super rare.
We adapted accordingly.  ;D
No complaints about any of the food on the Enchanted.

We love the Wake view area on the Enchanted. They provide chairs & tables so I can read without the noise of MUTS and the wind which is typical of the retreat pool.
On port days we go to the Retreat pool- no wind & few people.

Wow, what a steal... not that I'll be able to take advantage of that great price anytime soon. ::)

We tend to stay away from the more expensive add on venue's & see them as not really needed.
Thanks for the heads up review anyway. 

Believe it or not we're actually considering a cruise on the Sun this year. The layout of this ship from what I can see so far is totally confusing if you're used to any of the previous Princess designs.
I guess we'll wait until some people actually post some photo's & experiences from an actual sailing.
Maybe we're just use to the older designs & aren't to excited about the major changes.

The worst part about a cruise is leaving it. This fact has hit us hard these past few days after spending a wonderful time on the Sky Princess during a media-invited trip.

Is this your comment or from the article?
From what I see in their article it appears to be just another typical Royall class ship, not anything different from the rest of the fleet.

Another squeeze for Princess.
They're looking hard to find anyway to get every list nickel and dime out of their passengers.

"In total, you can expect that 34-42% of what you spend on your cruise fare will be in the form of onboard spending."

According to the article, we are not normal cruisers. Maybe once many years ago we might have spent 2 to 3 hundred dollars additional but lately if we spend $20, it's a lot. We can also live without their expensive "packages" without feeling deprived.

We're not really pizza lovers but the one thing that stands out on Princess is that they're now charging for pizza at some of their locations, like Alfredo's or Gigi's whereas in the past it was always included.  >:(
Maybe it tastes better if you pay for it.  ::)

  Since the Sun is staying in the Med for a while repairs should be easier.  Princess has accepted the ship so issues are probably fixable in fairly short order.

By the time I book it, all the kinks will be fixed.  ::)

It seems like this is almost guaranteed lately.
I wonder how much else isn't available on the ship even when it does sail?

With most of the ship now buying a "package" lately, they don't have much say about the gratuities anyway. Unless you have a real complaint about something that's gone wrong during the cruise, your sort of stuck.
We'll buy their package sometimes, and sometimes not depending on how I feel.
For our money it's just a waste as the internet isn't something I need and 15 drinks a day is way over my limit at my age. ;D

The real question is, what to do with all that OBC if I don't use it for gratuities?
Casino, perhaps?

We're pretty much typical Princess cruisers and don't look for all the things that RCL has to attract the younger crowd.....but lately what I've been seeing on YouTube makes me really want to give the Icon of the Seas a go.
Just to see what I've been missing out on.
Now if we could only go when all the kiddies are in school I think we might actually enjoy the change.
There's only so many times you can see the Princess production shows and not be a little bored.

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