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"This ship is impressive. It’s two metres longer than Auckland’s Sky Tower and has about three times as many rooms as New Zealand’s largest hotel.

I’m aboard the Enchanted Princess, and it’s my first time sailing on a so-called “mega-ship” - which is among the largest at sea."

"Kevin Nansett was planning a sailing on a world cruise out of Sydney. The price for a 113-day itinerary started from $23,781 for an interior cabin. However, the base fare was just the start of the total outlay."

"Princess Cruises' 10-day Mexican Riviera with Total Solar Eclipse cruise is already sold out for the rare event aboard the 3,660-passenger Discovery Princess."

"Due to the popularity of the solar eclipse-themed cruise, the line added another sailing with a different itinerary — a 15-night Panama Canal cruise aboard the 3,080-guest Emerald Princess. "

Emerald Princess Chatter / Emerald Princess Solar Eclispe-Themed Cruise
« on: February 25, 2024, 09:19:31 PM »
"Due to the popularity of the solar eclipse-themed cruise, the line added another sailing with a different itinerary — a 15-night Panama Canal cruise aboard the 3,080-guest Emerald Princess. This ocean-to-ocean extended voyage from April 5-20 will depart from Los Angeles and end in Fort Lauderdale.

Highlights of the cruise include five ports of call, seven days at sea, a transit of the Panama Canal and total solar eclipse viewing between Cabo San Lucas and Huatulco, Mexico, on April 8. An astronomy and space exploration enthusiast, Fred Cink, will be on board to answer questions. Guests will be given special glasses and also enjoy eclipse-themed drinks and bites while watching the rare phenomenon."

The SDG Burger, Princess Cruises

"TPG Take: The SDG Burger (which stands for Salty Dog Grill Burger) is a rib-eye and short rib patty with pork belly, Gruyere cheese, kimchi beer-battered jalapenos and charred onion aioli on a brioche bun. I had high hopes, but what I received was a burger so greasy that the bun was wet and soggy. The pork belly was undercooked, rubbery and excessively fatty. The flavor was decent, which saved it from being a total loss, netting this burger a lower but still passable rating.

Frankly, I was majorly disappointed to find The Ernesto — a delicious burger that used to be served at the Salty Dog Gastropub — is no longer on the menu since Princess parted ways with chef Ernesto Uchimura.

TPG rating: 3/5"

Discovery Princess Chatter / OVERALL 8/10
« on: February 25, 2024, 09:04:09 PM »

Discovery Princess is excellent value for money with loads of options for entertainment, activities and dining. It is a mainstream ship with premium touches but there will be the occasional queue and lifts can get busy.

The writer was a guest of Princess Cruises. A seven-day Inside Passage with Glacier Bay National Park cruise departing May 11, 2024, is from $1644.

Diamond Princess Chatter / Diamond Princess Celebrates 20th Anniversary
« on: February 25, 2024, 08:52:20 PM »
"The Diamond Princess is completing its 20th year of service this month. Built by the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard in Japan, the cruise ship was delivered to Princess Cruises on Feb. 26, 2004."

Editor: The Diamond Princess today originally was to be the Sapphire Princess. After the Diamond ship construction fire that ship was renamed the Sapphire Princess.

"Now if you’re someone who doesn’t want internet access and plan to stick only non-alcoholic beverages on the ship, then you won’t come out ahead on this deal. For the average cruiser, however, we think Princess Plus is definitely worth it. Those wanting higher-end drinks will enjoy Princess Premier."

"Princess says that if you have a third or fourth passenger in a cabin, then you can opt in/out of the deal for them by calling the cruise line."

"Cruisers wishing to cancel a Princess sailing will have less time to do so if they want to get any of their money back. Starting March 4, Princess is imposing a 100% cancellation fee starting at 30 days prior to sailing. The current policy is 14 days before the cruise.

Most other cancellation fee times have also changed, giving cruisers less time to get more of their money back."

The worst part about a cruise is leaving it. This fact has hit us hard these past few days after spending a wonderful time on the Sky Princess during a media-invited trip.

"Going on a cruise? It's important to book ahead for some on-board amenities."

The Points Guy and I vote that Princess Pizza is not the best pizza at sea.

"Of all the pizzas included in this piece, my favorite is Virgin Voyages' Pizza Place. Not only is it free, but this joint offers entire pies rather than just slices. It also has comfy alcoves where you can sit down to dine in an actual restaurant atmosphere versus merely a table by the pool."

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