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"In photos to be published on Wednesday, Capt Francesco Schettino is seen with Domnica Cemortan, 25, enjoying a seafood meal in Villefranche-sur-Mer on the Cote d’Azur.

The couple were photographed in the restaurant on Dec 13, according to Chi, an Italian weekly magazine.

Miss Cemortan reportedly told investigators last week she was “in love” with Capt Schettino, as Italian newspapers said that divers had found her lingerie, clothing and make-up bag in his cabin.

She denied both claims in an interview with another magazine, Oggi. “They are all lies. I wasn’t born yesterday. The information was put out to put pressure on the captain. They want to isolate him, even from his family,” she said.

“I never said to magistrates 'I love Schettino’. They say they’ve found my bikini in his cabin. What have they found on this bikini that connects it to me? Was my name written on it, was there my photograph, or my DNA?”

Maybe the Captain liked wearing bikinis on his off time parading around the cabin?   ::)

"Italian Coast Guard Cmdr. Francesco Paolillo says officers urged the captain, Francesco Schettino, to return to his ship and honor his duty to stay aboard until everyone else was safely off the vessel, but said Schettino ignored them."

Oh dear.  I hope this does not reflect badly on other Italian Captains/Officers employed on the ships, of whch Princess has many, as we all know.

But maybe too, pax might take lifeboat drill/emergency drills a little more seriously from now on. Many still try to dodge it, as we know. ???

We've seen that attending a muster drill still has no effect on the outcome under extreme circumstances, especially when the crew isn't fully trained to cope with the disaster. Everyone knew where to do and where to report with their life jackets and with the incompetent crew it still did nothing to help the situation. It was everybody for themselves as usually happens in situation like this. If this had occurred in open waters the death toll would have been in the hundreds for sure. 

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