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"Up in the Bridge, I summoned my inner-maritime nerd to glean some insights into the technical aspects of the ship, from propulsion to handling. The charismatic Captain Paolo Arrigo remarked that Sun Princess is the first ship in the fleet to utilise the ABB Azipod for propulsion — made up of a pod with a propeller, suspended under the ship’s hull, with the ability to rotate 360-degrees. She’s incredibly nimble, pulling off precision manoeuvres in tricky ports requiring tight turns. Captain Paolo has cultivated quite the following on Instagram (therealoveboatcaptain), and like a real-life Captain Stubing, he featured in the recent reality TV show, the Real Love Boat, filmed onboard Princess Cruises. The short-lived show was a flop. He’s the third generation in his family to work for Princess and from the age of four he dreamed of being captain. He’d have to be the most gregarious, highly sociable ship captain I have come across – just another highlight to the superstar experience you can expect aboard a Sun Princess sailing, in the Mediterranean or Caribbean. "

Captain Paolo on the bridge

Editor comment: I believe that it's just a mater of time until one of those Azipod propeller motors break.

"Viewing parties for the UEFA European Championships will be held on board four Princess Cruises ships sailing around Europe this summer. "

"Princess Cruises has announced that four ships, the Sun Princess, Sky Princess, Regal Princess and Caribbean Princess, will screen the tournament and host viewing parties. "

In April a massive cruise ship that can carry thousands of guests announced it is canceling its planned visit to Santorini due to overcrowding.

The Sun Princess, a cruise ship operated by Princess Cruises, has notified its guests that it will not be making a stop at the Greek island on upcoming voyages due to congestion.

In an email communication to guests, the company stated, “Please note that there is a change to our scheduled itinerary. Due to cruise ship congestion, we will no longer call to Santorini, Greece.”

"Princess Cruises New Zealand Sales Manager Debbie Monk will expand her regional remit with the addition of Queensland."

Sun Princess Chatter / 'the Greatest Foodie Destination at Sea'
« Last post by Host Mike on June 12, 2024, 02:40:45 PM »
"During my seven-day Mediterranean sailing, I tried every specialty restaurant on the ship but one, as well as some of the more casual food venues. Here is my ranking of the six (out of seven) specialty restaurants I tried, my reviews of the other dining venues, and everything you need to know before you sit down for a meal at any of them. "

From what I've been reading about the newest ships, they're building them to entice the upper class cruisers aboard & spend, spend, spend. The days of cruising the old Princess line, as we know it, are coming to a end. If you're not willing to purchase in addition at least as much as the cruise initially costs you'll be looking at everyone else around you enjoying the amenities with just a few offered to the basic cruiser.
Our next trip on the Sun Princess may very well be our last for the newer ships.
Discovery Princess Chatter / Princess Cruises bartender Katerina Vossou
« Last post by Host Mike on June 11, 2024, 09:01:29 PM »
"Negroni fan Katerina serves aboard Discovery Princess and is a fan of both showcasing her talent in mixology, as well as creating an offer for travellers which reflects the destination and the ideals of travel. While the negroni, with its demand for controlled dilution and skill to create it, is Katerina’s favourite, guests on board are frequently seeking out the ship’s Sandia en Fuego. Journeying round the world also allows Katerina to explore new garnishes from across the globe, branching out from citrus to include serrano peppers, elderflower foam and juniper berries."

"Princess is positioned to cater more to adults seeking a higher-end experience, rather than families looking for budget-friendly vacations. This strategic positioning allows Princess to attract those who might be looking for a more refined and serene cruising experience, potentially with a touch of nostalgia from the days of “The Love Boat.”

"Princess Cruises’ recent enhancement of its beverage options is more than just an upgrade—it’s a reaffirmation of its commitment to quality, luxury, and an unmatched cruising experience. As they continue to invoke the charm of “The Love Boat” while introducing modern amenities, Princess Cruises remains a beloved choice for those seeking a journey that is both romantic and contemporary."

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