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"Beginning next week, the White House said, all travelers to the U.S., regardless of nationality or vaccination status, will need to provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test within one day of boarding their flights. That’s down from three days right now for those who have been vaccinated, in an added precaution against the omicron variant. But the White House has shelved tougher options, like requiring post-arrival testing or requiring quarantines upon arrival in the U.S.

Biden is also extending his directive requiring masks on airplanes and other public transit, which had been set to expire in January, through at least the middle of March, the White House said."
There's a naming ceremony coming up Dec 13 on (YouTube).
I normally don't watch things like this but since we'll be on the ship (hopefully) I'll take a peak just to see.
Mike, thank you for the effort you put in on this spreadsheet. It's appreciated moreso during these trying times.
As pictured, it looks stunning. Maybe, someday... <sigh>
Pent up demand for more gambling.
Different stair landings.
We'll be on the ship for March. I hope they get everything running smoothly by then & the mask requirements are relaxed somewhat.
It appears to be just like the other Princess ships with only a few changes. They don't like to change to much from ship to ship. I suppose the loyal Princess cruisers like everything to remain the same.

I just watched a video yesterday about the RCL ship (Odyssey of the Sea)  that Tony posted - Very impressive.
Of course the ship was only partially filled so crowds weren't any problem. But that will change very shortly I'm sure.
"Princess Cruises has unveiled the first look of Enchanted Princess—the newest MedallionClass ship to join its fleet. The 145,000-ton ship, which can accommodate 3,660 guests, represents an update to the design platform consistent across its sister ships—Royal Princess (2013), Regal Princess (2014), Majestic Princess (2017) and Sky Princess (2019). The ship’s inaugural cruise season began November 10, with 15 10-day Caribbean itineraries, sailing round-trip from Ft. Lauderdale, before heading to Europe."

"Princess Cruises informs guests and travel agents that two vessels will not be returning to service as scheduled. The restarts for Crown Princess and Island Princess in the U.S. will be delayed, with a total of 19 sailings cancelled."
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