Author Topic: Crown Princess passengers frustrated over delay on San Francisco-Mexico cruise  (Read 1546 times)

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"Frustrated Crown Princess cruise ship passengers were left upset about having to wait hours to set sail on a voyage from San Francisco to Mexico."

"One person posted a video showing her 82-year-old father and family, plus thousands of other people, waiting in a drafty warehouse. The person continued on to say there was no food available and water was limited.

Food delivery was not an option, and people did not want to leave or else they would lose their place in line.

Another person said the company should do better for disabled guests, who waited for hours in the night."

"Over the weekend Princess Cruises received notification from San Francisco Port officials regarding an increased accumulation of silt in the vicinity of the designated cruise berth affecting the embarkation schedule for Crown Princess on Tuesday, December 12. This buildup, in conjunction with unusually low tidal levels in San Francisco Bay, resulted in the ship not having the required under keel clearance to dock and embark at its originally scheduled time Tuesday morning."

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If you cruise often enough you'll find that does occur from time to time.
There's not much that you can do about it, except whine.