Author Topic: The most gregarious, highly sociable ship captain says the article writer  (Read 240 times)

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"Up in the Bridge, I summoned my inner-maritime nerd to glean some insights into the technical aspects of the ship, from propulsion to handling. The charismatic Captain Paolo Arrigo remarked that Sun Princess is the first ship in the fleet to utilise the ABB Azipod for propulsion — made up of a pod with a propeller, suspended under the ship’s hull, with the ability to rotate 360-degrees. She’s incredibly nimble, pulling off precision manoeuvres in tricky ports requiring tight turns. Captain Paolo has cultivated quite the following on Instagram (therealoveboatcaptain), and like a real-life Captain Stubing, he featured in the recent reality TV show, the Real Love Boat, filmed onboard Princess Cruises. The short-lived show was a flop. He’s the third generation in his family to work for Princess and from the age of four he dreamed of being captain. He’d have to be the most gregarious, highly sociable ship captain I have come across – just another highlight to the superstar experience you can expect aboard a Sun Princess sailing, in the Mediterranean or Caribbean. "

Captain Paolo on the bridge

Editor comment: I believe that it's just a mater of time until one of those Azipod propeller motors break.